quinta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2011

Catwoman 57 Volume 1

This is a must see for every Ivy fan, during the Cataclism storyline Ivy has got a mission: she will cover gotham in green, she seduced an Wayne Tech employee into manufacturing an super fertilizer and ship it to various places (Gotham PD , an orphanage, a baseball stadium and the resevoir park).She struggles with Catwoman which breaks the fertilizer in Ivy's face which caused her green coloration in subsequent stories.
It was nice but the last page is kinda disturbing...

Bruce Wayne: The Road Home - Catwoman

In "Lifting the Vale" Poison Ivy goes to an auction with Catwoman and is very good, until a certain siren crashes the party.Poison uses her powers and keeps some goons away from Harley.We see her later in a beach with her normal attaire (Did I mention that at the auction she's wearing a formal dress?I guess I didn't...).
The art in this one-shot is better then in a lot of comics, I say pick it up!

Adventures in the DC Universe 03

In the "Cruise to Nightmare" story, Poison Ivy (DCAU) is aboard a charity cruise with 2 henchgirls and her weapon is a sea serpent made of seaweed, and of course billionaire Bruce Wayne is also aboard.
Pamela throws Bruce in the sea, he puts on his batman outfit burns Ivy's serpent and knocks her out.

quinta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2010

Batman 181

Poison Ivy first appeared in the Batman #181 (June, 1966); the name of her story was
Beware of--Poison Ivy--.
The story focused on Poison Ivy's scheme on becoming “World Public Enemy Number 1”, place which was occupied by Dragon Fly (in second place was Silken Spider , and in third Tiger Moth).Pamela sent letters to the three enemies , pretending to be them. Before they left, Poison gave them a crown, which shocked them. Later she was arrested for the first time.


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